FREE INGWE – $250 OFF  For CHILDREN  16 and under – valid up to 2 children on any full-board or half-board charter.

Excludes Christmas/NY’s holiday and may NOT be combined with a T/A booking.
EXPIRES: No expiration
FREE INGWE – SUMMER SPECIAL FOR JUNE 15-AUGUST 15, 2014:  –>CAPTAIN ONLY:$1,000 per night plus all expenses, 5 night minimum, surcharge waived.
–>CAPTAIN ONLY HALF-BOARD: $1,500 OFF any group size! Valid on any full week charter. This may be combined with broker special. This may NOT be combined with child discount or T/A booking.
BOOK BY: July 15, 2014   SAIL BY: Aug 8, 2014    EXPIRES: Aug 15, 2014    Yacht Brochure