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Why a Catamaran?

Catamarans are popular for their stability, wide decks, and ease of access. If you want to explore the Caribbean with maximum comfort, chartering a catamaran is the perfect choice.


Cat cruising according to some is the crème de la crème of charter boats. The greatest advantage of a catamaran as a vacation sailing craft is the amount of space they offer. Enjoy bigger cabins and lots of space on deck to move around.


Catamarans are also easier for guests with mobility issues. There are fewer steps to speak of, and with two hulls, they’re extremely stable. Families with kids, the elderly, or anyone prone to seasickness would benefit from a catamaran’s large, stable base.


Don’t be fooled by their size, though. Cats are not the cumbersome tortoises of the ocean — they are fast! Though they don’t point upwind as well as a monohull, they more than make up for that in speed on other tacks.


Snorkel fans take note. Catamarans can get in close to beaches. Thanks to their shallow draft, they allow more privacy, and can get you closer to snorkel areas. Get those masks ready! And with their size and stability, cats are the ultimate party boats.