What is a yacht charter? 

What is a yacht charter?  What is included and what is not included in a crewed yacht sailing or power boating vacation?

Your yacht charter starts at noon on the first day and ends at noon on your last day.  Generally our sailing and power yacht charters last 7 days. Charters for less than 7 days have a surcharge. Some last 10 days, some 14 days. Stay as long as you like, it is beautiful here!

When you join the yacht, the crew will introduce themselves, sit you down with a drink and discuss what you want from your vacation. Your crew will suggest an itinerary and arrange excursions where and whenever you like.  Their goal is to give you wonderful opportunities and the best holiday  you ever had.

All charter yachts have professional crews with a qualified licensed captain. They have yacht insurance, including passenger insurance (civil liability only).  All meals on board your yacht are tailor-made according to your preference sheet and cooked to a high quality by a fully trained chef/hostesses.

Fully crewed charter yachts  include in their rates all meals on board, beverages and standard bar.  We will keep you informed at all times on each yacht’s specification so you know exactly what you are paying for.  Rates include pick up and drop off marina fees, fuel (with some exceptions), all the leisure and toys on board (each yacht lists these individually) all linens, including towels and beach towels.

Some scuba diving can be included in the rates but depends on the individual boats and how qualified the crew are, we can help with all these details with the initial inquiry.

The rates do not include vintage wines or champagnes, special requests, marina fees (other than pick up or drop off), mooring fees and the customary crew gratuity.   If you decide to eat ashore one night or more this will be at your expense, most charterers do eat out at least one night and usually include the crew. This is at your discretion and they will not take umbrage if you decide to not include them.

Tipping the crew at the end of the charter is a valuable indication to them of how you enjoyed your charter vacation and is considered part of their wages.  The best guide is 15 to 20% of the charter fees and is normally handed to them as you leave.

Any added expense and gratuity will be indicated on the booking contract to ensure you are fully aware of all the extra costs of the crewed yacht charter at the beginning.