When you sail the British Virgin Islands on a Crewed Yacht Charter, leave your expensive clothes and your favourite hat at home

Life in the British Virgin Islands is very laid back, with delightful weather and warm seas. You are traveling on your own crewed charter yacht around scenic islands, swimming ashore to beaches, taking part in water sports (if you want) or relaxing with a glass of wine and a good book.

As I used to tell all my guests before they arrived, pack your suitcases, then take out half of your clothes and shoes!!! You will need very little clothes here, you might want to go ashore sightseeing but remember you will be traveling via a dinghy and very likely to get a little wet.  So leave your expensive clothes behind and your favorite hat. Hats can fly off when sailing we always lost one hat per trip and when underway it’s almost impossible to go back for it. With regard to shoes, all dark soled shoes are a no go on a boat most of the time you will be barefooted. A good pair of sandals or boating shoes will suffice. However you may want to eat ashore at least one night so pack accordingly, something elegantly casual. This going to be the most relaxing and laid back vacation ever, where you can just hang about in your favorite t-shirt and swim suit … so bring plenty of those.

At night it can turn a little cool so pack a sweatshirt or light jumper, also occasionally it does rain when going ashore. I remember a time in Anegada taking guests ashore they had ordered a lobster dinner and the heavens opened just as we were about to get into the dinghy.  So we all arrived in matching black garbage bags, it was quite a laugh and fun!!

Sunscreen is a MUST remember that the water reflects as well as the sun. It can be brutal so bring high factor (30 and higher) for the first few days. Yachts do not always provide this and you may prefer certain makes so make it high on your list. Oil based products are not allowed on yachts so bring only non-staining creams. Also extra contact lenses, sunglasses and regular glasses anything that will make your life comfortable and you cannot live without.

Luggage, bring soft duffel type bags which you can unpack then stow flat, this is very important as space is at a premium on yachts.

Everyone travels with a camera and their music, great but bring a disposable waterproof camera too. You will enjoy trying to capture those elusive fish while snorkeling.

Remember to bring all your personal medications, allergies pills and antihistamines. Plus bug fee repellent just in case.

Yachts have snorkel equipment onboard, however you may want to bring your own mask and snorkel, fins are bulky to carry so you might consider leaving them behind and they will have most sizes on board. Make sure you mention any special size on the preference sheet