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11 02, 2012

How to Pack for Your Crewed Yacht Charter
Sailing Vacation

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Cane Garden Bay - Tortola - British Virgin Islands

When packing for a sailing vacation in BVI, pack light and bring strong sunscreen. Shown here: Cane Garden Bay – Tortola BVI

What’s the best way to pack for your crewed charter yacht vacation in the British Virgin Islands? Pack light! Most of your days you will be either onboard sailing, at anchor, on a mooring or travelling in the dinghy to go snorkeling on a beautiful reef or ashore to a beach. In some places you can swim ashore to a local bar for happy hour.

For a typical 7 day charter you would need 2 or 3 swimsuits, t-shirts and shorts, a pair of casual long pants or dress for going ashore to eat or shop. You will only need flip flops or boat shoes (no dark soles allowed) or shoes to go ashore in. Remember, clothes can get wet or splashed so leave your treasured t-shirt or hat at home. A cover-up is essential.   While on-board, swimsuits are OK, but when ashore some places request more modesty and so cover-ups will be required. Your sailing crew will advise as you go. Remember you are going sailing so it is quite likely that your hats will fly overboard, so bring at least 2 or invest in a clip to secure it  to back of your shirts. Bring a sweatshirt and light raincoat for cooler evenings and choppy seas in the dinghy.

Sailing in the Caribbean Calls for SP 30 Sunscreen or Stronger

Sunscreen and after sun care is a must. We consider SP15 only a moisturizer  here!  If you do not want to be burnt, bring minimum SP 30 and oil-free only please.  Remember to use it on your feet too.   The non-perfumed sunscreen is the best. Oils are not allowed on yachts.

Zip lock bags are great to keep money and personal gear dry for swimming ashore to bars and beaches.  They are easy to pack and extremely useful in a wet environment.

Batteries and disposable cameras are quite expensive in the BVI so bring them with you for capturing those fish underwater.

Finally, soft luggage or luggage that packs flat is the best for stowing away in your cabin or locker as space is at a premium onboard most yachts.

23 10, 2011

What is a “bareboat” Yacht Charter? How Is It Different from a Crewed Charter?

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What is a Bareboat, this is a vessel ( yacht) that can be chartered without a captain or crew or provisions.   The charterer needs to be a qualified Captain with sailing experience.

Dynamic Charters BVI specializes in “Crewed” yacht charters.  These are yachts that have a  captain and first mate (and additional crew depending on the size of the yacht and number of guests) onboard.  Crewed chartering brings new meaning to the words “getting away”. Perfect for families, friends and even corporate retreats.  The British Virgin Islands are a paradise of hidden treasures and there is something for everyone. From total seclusion to the wildest party spots, and everything in between, the British Virgin Islands’ 60 islands and islets, have it all.