Sailing Vacation Itinerary: Union Island to Grenada

Picking your boat is one thing,  picking your destination is quite another. Luckily, there’s little chance you’ll go wrong with two of our most popular itineraries.

From breathtaking beaches and gorgeous coral reefs to shopping, golfing, and nightlife sailing  the Caribbean on a chartered yacht is the best way to travel!

Flying into Union Island and cruising down to Grenada is one of our most popular itineraries. Flying into St. Vincent and cruising through the Grenadines down to Union Island is another. To read the St. Vincent to the Grenadines itinerary, click here.

Union Island, St. Vincent, Carriacou and Grenada

Union Island

After flying into Union Island, enjoy a few days of local culture and nightlife, with no shortage of great bars and Caribbean restaurants. Time your visit to coincide with Easter Holy Week, late May’s Maroon celebration or one of two major sailing regattas to get a taste of Caribbean culture (but book your hotel early—those dates fill up fast. )

If you fly into Union Island any other time, there’s still an abundance of fun to be had. Climb on board your yacht and let the real adventure begin!

Sail to a beautiful island and swim ashore

Petit St. Vincent (“PSV”) – an hour’s sail  from Union Island

A beautiful sail from Union Island, Petit St. Vincent is a private island with a 113-acre resort and just 22 cottages. Secluded and quiet, stop here for a trip to the hillside spa, practice yoga in a pavilion overlooking Conch Bay, or fish and swim in the crystal waters.

Hikers can trek to the top of Marni Hill for great views. And hungry travelers can take in the charms of the hillside restaurant or happy hour with other yachters at the beach bar.

Carriacou- a 2 hour’s sail from Petit St Vincent

Sail into one of the many harbors of Carrriacou Island, and prepare yourself for all this lovely island has to offer.  Less developed than some of the islands, Carriacou isn’t home to any major resorts or 5-star hotels—just 16 miles of rolling hills, white sand beaches, and authentic island living.

There are no shortage of walks to interesting historical sights, and the snorkeling is top notch. Immerse yourself in local culture and enjoy the many festivals offered throughout the year.

Grenada- a 2 hour’s sail from Carriacou

This island country and Commonwealth realm is home to an exciting blend of eco-tourism sites, industry, and upscale resorts.  Culturally-rich and inviting, Grenada features beautiful beaches and waterfall-dotted, hilly terrain. Frequently called “The Spice Island,” Grenada is one of the world’s largest producers of cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, cloves, citrus peels, and wild coffee.

Sail into Grenada and explore its National Parks; tour an old plantation; imagine battles from your perch in a fort; or spend the day at a rum distillery, swim in one of the waterfalls—there’s something for everything on this island!

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