Best Known Scuba Diving Spots in the British Virgin Islands

Ready for the Scuba Diving Vacation of Your Life? Charter a Yacht in the BVI
Ready for the Scuba Diving Vacation of Your Life? Charter a Yacht in the BVI

One of the most popular kinds of crewed charter sailing vacations in the British Virgin Islands is the Scuba Charter.   Crewed Sailing or Power Boat vacations that take you to great scuba diving spots and show you wonderful diving.

Here are examples of the best known scuba dives in the British Virgin Islands:

For the novice diver: The Indian, Depth:10-55 feet (3-16m)

The area around the four jagged rocks that make up “The Indians” is packed with large mushroom coral heads and lush, soft coral gardens. Marine life abounds in the coral folds—schools of Creole Wrasse and Blue Tangs scurry by while lobsters, Spotted Drums and Fairy Basslets hang out under the corals head. The gap between the four Indians and a fifth, hidden Indian forms a mini canyon, and the vertical walls of the rocks themselves are encrusted with hard and soft corals and sponges. On the eastern side, a shallow “fish bowl” (ideal for snorkelers) conceals a narrow tunnel and a small cave filled with Glassy Eyed Sweepers. Reef sharks are seen here from time to time.

For intermediate to advanced divers: Anchor of the RMS Rhone, Depth: 50-65 feet (15-20m)

The RMS Rhone was anchored here in the mouth of Great Harbour, Peter Island in October of 1867 while she took on fuel, supplies, and passengers for the journey back to England. When a hurricane blew in, the massive anchor and its 300 feet of chain were lost at this spot where they remain to this day, coral-encrusted and half-buried by sand. Dive down to this historical jewel and see the ship in all its ghostly glory, along with the wildly-diverse marine life that has made the boat their home.

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