The BVI has Over 60 Islands, Sunny Subtropical Weather and Trade Winds which are Ideal for Sailing

The British Virgin Islands have a renowned charm and character of their own. With over 60 picturesque islands bathed in sun and blown by the Trade Winds, they’re considered the best sailing destination of the Caribbean, if not the most idyllic.

Lolalita, a yacht charter catamaran in the BVI and Caribbean.

The History

Steeped in Pirate myths and tales of hidden gold the names conjure up a swashbuckling past, from Dead Chest Island to Treasure Point and Little Trunk Bay, even Salt Island still pays in salt to the British Queen!

The Beaches

Each hilly island is covered by lush tropical vegetation that stretches down to white sand beaches; surrounded by the calm, clear, turquoise waters which are teaming with sealife. You can watch the pelicans dive while little bait fish swim round your toes in the surf or take a snorkel dive off the back of a yacht and discover the beautiful reefs where Parrot fish nibble on the coral, and turtles glide by.

The Islands

The largest island in the chain is Tortola (the capital), then Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and the wild coral atoll, Anegada. Being close to each other guarantees carefree easy sailing, with your next anchorage always in sight.

The Yachts

BVI is home to some of the finest yachts in the world. Get in touch with us to book a crewed yacht charter for the British Virgin Islands or the Caribbean.

Limitless Fun

On a typical day you could leave Tortola’s pretty West End in the morning, sail out and across the channel to Jost Van Dyke. Anchor up and swim the few meters to shore to the ‘Soggy Dollar Bar’ for one of their famous Pain Killers in time for a leisurely lunch!

The Climate

The British Virgin Islands are considered the Sailing Capital of the Caribbean due to our subtropical weather with temperatures moderated by trade winds which are ideal for sailing.

There is little variation between summer and winter, rainfall is low varying from island to island, humidity levels range from 78 to 88% with the most humid months between June and August. Our hurricane season is June to November.