Cost of chartering a yacht in the Caribbean (2019)

When planning a crewed yacht charter there are a considerable number of choices to a make which will define the final cost.

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How much does it cost to charter a yacht in the BVI?

The cost of the yacht itself can vary enormously. When choosing you need to take into consideration the size, age and toys available. Rates depend on the size of your group and age as to the final choice of yacht. To get the best prices for your specific needs get in touch with us and we can put together the most suitable package. Including our Special Offers

It’s worth remembering that age of the vessel does not necessarily mean lack of standard. Lots of yachts go through refits to keep the standards up. As a result some of the older vessels can be well priced for the budget wary.  Most yachts, monohulls, motor and especially catamarans in the BVI only have double berths so your single guests may need to bunk up. Which needs to be a consideration when choosing the layouts.

How much is gratuity on a chartered crewed yacht charter in the BVI?

Crew Gratuity is normally 15 to 20% of the charter rate depending on your satisfaction with the crew and service. So for example if your charter rate is $20,000 the crews gratuity could be between $3,000 and $4,000. This is normally handed to the crew at the end of the charter to say thank you.

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What extras are payable on top of charter fee?

Apart from the final selection of the yacht there are other extras to take into consideration. Your airfare and a taxi travelling to join the yacht will be the largest extra, depending on where you are meeting the yacht.

Lots of yachts now pick up and drop off in ST Thomas, USVI (STT) which saves you the cost of the ferry to the BVI. Some yachts charge extra for this so this needs to be balanced and compared with the cost of the ferry to BVI.   This cost will be noted when you are sent the rate and specification of the yacht.  The ferry can be approximately $75 – $100 per person for a round trip. Check with your broker for the up to date costs.

If your yacht cannot travel to USVI for pickups (this could be because of dropping off previous guests in another place the day before ) another option could be to take a water taxi, these are private taxis which, if you are arriving late or at a difficult time, can be very helpful for getting you to the right place at the right time especially if your group is over 6 to 8 guests with luggage.

Cost of hotels in the BVI

A hotel can be an extra cost depending on your flight schedule, again check with your broker as some yachts let you sleep aboard the night before charter begins for a cost which can be competitive with hotels. In this situation though meals will not be included and you will have to go ashore to a restaurant for evening meal.

What is included in a crewed charter?

With a crewed yacht charter meals, snacks, beverages, wine and standard bar are included with your fees. This is classed as a fully inclusive charter, other options that some yachts are offering are half board and local fare. They will be indicated on the rates page of each yacht. Traditionally on a fully inclusive charter the guests would take the crew to dinner for one of the evenings. When I was chartering it was usually in Anegada for lobster dinners.

If you are considering a half board or local fare option please be aware that eating out in BVI can be quite expensive and you might find the fully inclusive a better option. If you are a family, very few restaurants offer a kids option menu. If you like going ashore then the captain can take you for happy hour and then bring you back to dinner onboard. So you can have the best of both worlds!!

Special fine wines and alcohol brands are at the guests expense. However check first as you might be surprised at the quality of the wines onboard and standard bar. For reference champagne eg Veuve Clicquot is considered a special request.

Cost of scuba diving in the BVI

Scuba diving costs in the BVI can vary depending on the specification of yachts that include scuba onboard. Each boat has different rates. Some include a few dives per week in the rates then each dive after that will be extra. Most of them expect you to rent the dive gear including tanks at your expense or bring your own if that is an option.  All of this can be planned before you arrive by liaising with the Captain. He or she will make sure all the equipment is on the yacht before the charter starts.

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Cost of fishing in the BVI

Fishing is normally by trolling and require both the boat and guest to take out a fishing license from the BVI before the charter starts. If this is required it can be paid online and issued to the crew beforehand. Make sure your broker knows you want to fish so that the forms  can be sent to you before you charter, 1 months notice is necessary.

Cost of Docking

Dockage is an extra. Yachts will not go into a marina but prefer to drop an anchor or pick up a mooring ball.  Requests to stay at a marina over night would be at the guest’s expense.


As we’ve already mentioned, to get the best prices for your specific needs get in touch and we can put together the most suitable package, including our Special Offers

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