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22 05, 2019

How to Pack for Your Crewed Yacht Charter Sailing Vacation (2019)

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Getting Packed To Sail the BVI

What’s the best way to pack for your crewed charter yacht vacation in the British Virgin Islands?

Pack light! We’ve made this even easier for you with our packing for the BVI full checklist to make sure you don’t forget any essentials!

luggage for bvi cruisePack your soft sided suitcases then take out half of your clothes and shoes. Soft luggage or luggage that packs flat is the best for stowing away in your cabin or locker as space is at a premium onboard most yachts. This is especially the case if you are occupying every cabin onboard. Remember: like the sea, flat is best.


Documents and Money in the BVI

preparing for chartered yacht cruise bvi passportMake sure you have your passport, travel documents and cash (United States Dollars) with you. When you arrive in BVI, the immigration authorities will need to know the name of the yacht and place of meeting (e.g. the name of the marina) so make sure your all party knows this as they enter. Most places in the British Virgin Islands accept credit cards but ATM machines may be spaced out around the islands. One of the advantages of having a chartered crewed sailing vacation is that you can just ask the crew and they will advise you as you sail around. The larger islands (Tortola and Virgin Gorda) have banks but the smaller ones do not.


Gratuity is at the discretion of the charter guests, traditionally based on 15 to 20% of the charter fee e.g. Charter fee is $18,000 then the gratuity would be between $2,700 and $3600. Tipping is a valuable indication to the crew of how you enjoyed your charter vacation and is considered part of their wages. Usually it is paid in cash and handed to them at the end of the charter as the guests are leaving, nowadays crews can accept the payment in different ways such as cheques and sometimes by card. Dynamic Charters can supply this information once your charter is booked. Please see FAQ page for more information.


Accessories and Devices When Sailing

packing for sailing in the BVI

SwimCell offer a excellent waterproof container for your devices.

You’ll be traveling on your own crewed charter yacht around scenic islands, swimming ashore to beaches, taking part in the water sports the BVI has to offer (if you want) or relaxing with a glass of wine and a good book. Ah yes, life in the British Virgin Islands is very laid back, with delightful weather and warm seas so sunglasses have to be high on your list! With all this relaxing and adventure it may be a good idea to bring a spare pair too.


Obviously, you’ll want to be taking photographs and this is where zip lock bags come in very useful.  In some places you can swim ashore to a local bar for happy hour so zip lock bags are a must for keeping items such as money waterproof. They are easy to pack and extremely useful in a wet environment.

Telephones and cameras may be better in a proper waterproof container. Remember its very easy for these to go overboard so a floating container with some sort of handle would be the best or better still hang round your neck leaving both hands free for swimming. One great option is the waterproofing case for your phone or devices from SwimCell.

SwimCell have even been kind enough to offer a discount for Dynamic Charters BVI just use the code “dynamic10” at checkout.


how to pack for a bvi vacationEveryone travels with a camera and their music, great but bring a disposable waterproof camera too. You will enjoy trying to capture those elusive fish while snorkeling. Go-Pro are the most popular in the BVI as they have waterproof cases and are very versatile. Disposable batteries and cameras are quite expensive in the BVI so bring them with you for capturing those fish underwater. Remember to bring USB adapters and connecting cables for all your telephones etc. as the yachts cannot supply these.

Quick Tip! Check the specification of each yacht to see what they have onboard which will be compatible with your devices.

Yachts have snorkel equipment on board, however you may want to bring your own mask and snorkel, fins are bulky to carry so you might consider leaving them behind as they will have most sizes on board. Make sure you mention all your parties fin size on the preference sheet so the crew can double check they have them. For example – three of your party may have the same size 6 and the yacht may only have 2 sets, this gives them the chance to add extra if necessary. Also kids sizes make sure the crew is aware of the sizes before the charter begins by specifying on the preference sheets.




clothing for bvi saillingFor a typical seven day charter you would need 2 or 3 swimsuits, t-shirts and shorts, a pair of casual long pants or dress for going ashore to eat or shop. Remember, clothes can get wet or splashed so leave your treasured t-shirt or hat at home. A cover-up is essential. While on-board, swimsuits are OK, but when ashore some places request more modesty and so cover-ups will be required. Your charter captain and crew will advise as you sail around the islands.



You will only need flip flops, sandals or boat shoes (no dark soles allowed) or shoes to go ashore in.

Remember when sailing it is quite likely that your hats will fly overboard, so bring at least 2 or invest in a clip such as Dr Slick Clip or similar to secure it to back of your shirts. Bring a sweatshirt and light raincoat for cooler evenings and choppy seas in the dinghy.



At night it can turn a little cool so pack a sweatshirt or light jumper, also occasionally it does rain when going ashore. I remember a charter where we anchored in Anegada to take guests ashore as they had ordered a lobster dinner at a local restaurant. The heavens opened just as we were about to get into the dinghy to go ashore. So we all arrived in matching black garbage bags, it was quite a laugh and fun!



sunbathe during chartered bvi yacht cruiseSailing in the caribbean calls for SP 30 Sunscreen or Stronger.
Sunscreen and after sun care is very very important from the very beginning. We consider SP15 only a moisturizer here! The sun can be brutal combined with the reflection from the water and the prevailing winds. If you do not want to be burnt, bring a minimum of SP 30, SP 50 is best for the first few days. Remember to use it on your feet too. No spray or oil-based sunscreens please.

Some yachts do not always provide sunscreen and you may prefer certain brands so make sure it high on your list. The non-perfumed sunscreen is the best. Sunscreen oils are not allowed on yachts because of the staining to the decks.


bvi cruise medicationsMake sure you bring all your personal medications, allergies pills and antihistamines. If you have any prescriptions bring those too. Plus bug fee repellent just in case. Extra contact lenses, sunglasses and regular glasses anything that will make your life comfortable and you cannot live without. See below for a separate note on insurance.

Insurance is very important not just for travelling cancelation. Medical insurance is important as the British Virgin Islands are not part of American health care or Canadian or anywhere else for that matter. Tourists will be charged for any hospital occupancy and medicine.


Food and Drink

BVI Charter Yacht Gourmet Food ToursFood glorious Food! Every luxury crewed yacht charter menu is unique, tailor-made for the guests and based on your preference sheets that are sent out well before the charter begins. The preference and information sheets are very important as they provide valuable information for the boat crew, especially on the food and beverage side. You can let the crew know exactly what your favourite dishes are and warn of any allergies. This will include beverages too. Every yacht available from Dynamic Charters BVI boasts a bar stocked with spirits and liquors.

Smoking is not allowed inside the yachts as it’s a fire hazard, however most yachts allow smoking on the aft decks outside and the crew will indicate exactly where they would like you to smoke. Each yacht might have different areas which will depend on the direction on the wind.



chartered yacht bvi fishingFishing, most yachts troll for fish however it is required by law for the yacht and each individual guest to purchase fishing licenses for their charter. Please let us know so we can arrange this well in advance. We can supply the link and it can be purchased online before you arrive. The yachts crew arrange for this to be picked up before the charter begins.


The BVI has a wealth of things to offer for your crewed chartered vacation. Follow the tips above and you’re sure to have the most amazing time plus don’t forget to check out the packing for the BVI full checklist to make sure you don’t forget any essentials!


20 03, 2019

Featuring Amazing Meals Catered by Crews

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Kelea meals

Kelea meals

Featuring Some of the Amazing Meals Prepared on Crewed Charter Yachts for Guests.

Chef Alli, 0nboard the Crewed Charter Yacht Kelea described one of their featured dinners this week onboard Kelea.  They had locally caught Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna over Coconut Rice /Edamame Slaw with Wasabi Aioli and Fresh Mango Puree.


Altessa Surprise Party

Altessa Surprise Party


Onboard Crewed Yacht Altessa a surprise party was thrown for three 18 year old girls who were celebrating their high school graduation.  The surprise party included cupcakes and pink bubbles !!!  Great time was had by all..




17 02, 2019

New Water Taxi Service

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island time taxi

Island Time Water Taxi

There is a new water taxi service based in Nanny Cay, Tortola BVI. Its called Island Time and is an excellent choice for visitors arriving in St Thomas as you do not need to worry about ferry schedules if your plane arrives late.

Island Time Water taxi can pick up in the USVI and take you to your final destination in the BVI. They are based in Nanny Cay but can take you to any other point of meeting eg Road Town, Peter Island or Jost Van Dyke.

Some of the USVI water taxis can only take you to the port of entry and drop you there.  Thus leaving you to find another mode of transportation to continue to your desination. Island Time is a BVI registered vessel and can continue to take you past the port of entry to your final drop off point.

Island Time’s boats are in full compliance with BVI Shipping Registry’s and USCG’s safety requirements, as well as being registered and insured in the British Virgin Islands.

24 01, 2019

Willy-T fans

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Great news for all of the Willy-T fans out there. Just saw the following update from The Official William Thornton (Willy T) Fan Club’s Facebook page. In a recent post they reported, “Contrary to rumors on the street we are NOT leaving the BVI and you can still find us in Great Harbour, Peter Island for now. See you soon.”

Brilliant News and be sure to visit on your crewed yacht charter in the BVI

Great fun on Willy T

Great fun on Willy T

9 11, 2013

The BVI is called Sailing Capital of the Caribbean.

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The BVI has Over 60 Islands, Sunny Subtropical Weather and Trade Winds which are Ideal for Sailing

The British Virgin Islands have a renowned charm and character of their own. With over 60 picturesque islands bathed in sun and blown by the Trade Winds, they’re considered the best sailing destination of the Caribbean, if not the most idyllic.

Lolalita, a yacht charter catamaran in the BVI and Caribbean.

The History

Steeped in Pirate myths and tales of hidden gold the names conjure up a swashbuckling past, from Dead Chest Island to Treasure Point and Little Trunk Bay, even Salt Island still pays in salt to the British Queen!

The Beaches

Each hilly island is covered by lush tropical vegetation that stretches down to white sand beaches; surrounded by the calm, clear, turquoise waters which are teaming with sealife. You can watch the pelicans dive while little bait fish swim round your toes in the surf or take a snorkel dive off the back of a yacht and discover the beautiful reefs where Parrot fish nibble on the coral, and turtles glide by.

The Islands

The largest island in the chain is Tortola (the capital), then Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and the wild coral atoll, Anegada. Being close to each other guarantees carefree easy sailing, with your next anchorage always in sight.

The Yachts

BVI is home to some of the finest yachts in the world. Get in touch with us to book a crewed yacht charter for the British Virgin Islands or the Caribbean.

Limitless Fun

On a typical day you could leave Tortola’s pretty West End in the morning, sail out and across the channel to Jost Van Dyke. Anchor up and swim the few meters to shore to the ‘Soggy Dollar Bar’ for one of their famous Pain Killers in time for a leisurely lunch!

The Climate

The British Virgin Islands are considered the Sailing Capital of the Caribbean due to our subtropical weather with temperatures moderated by trade winds which are ideal for sailing.

There is little variation between summer and winter, rainfall is low varying from island to island, humidity levels range from 78 to 88% with the most humid months between June and August. Our hurricane season is June to November.